Frequently Asked Questions

At Bubbles Mobile Laundry we take immense pride in our work with exceptional service at competitive prices, all to make the task of your laundry needs done as quickly and efficiently as possible with our free pickup and delivery.

The online bookings menu item at the top of the page will take you to the online booking tab.  If you navigate to the bottom of the page you will find the My Bookings section.  In this section you can choose the service you require then select from the secondary list of menu items that you require to wash, dry, fold, iron etc. The chosen items will be placed in your cart and once completed you can progress through to the payment section.

Payment will be completed through the Online booking tab on the top menu.  Completed orders will be charged via paypal.  Do not worry if you do not have a paypal account, you can use a credit card wthout having a Paypal Account.

There are no pickup or delivery fees. This is one of our point of difference to our competitors.

We do not have a minimum pick up charge.  We want to be up front and honest with what you are actually paying for. 

Other companies charge a smaller amount for a service then add on a minimum charge plus delivery then you find what you actually pay for is a lot more than the advertised cost

Your perfectly washed and folded clothes will be returned to you 24-48 hours after we pick them up.  If there are any unforeseen circumstances we will contact you personally to explain.  

The laundry stripping service may be an exception.  As this takes a lot of time and is labour intensive we may not be able to deliver to you in the normal time frame of 24-48 hours but we will keep in touch and let you know how the stripping is progressing.  It is still our priority to get the items back to you in the quickest time possible.

Place your laundry in a bin bag. You pay per 6kg load of washing.  Try using your your bathroom scale to guide you.  If you want a separate wash, mixed compared to whites be sure to place in 2 separate bags.

Make sure that when we pick up your laundry, the bag is closed!

Your laundry will be returned to you in a FREE Bubbles Laundry Bag for future use.

If you intend on using Bubbles regularly and want more bags they will be available to puchase online in the shop.

Not at all, we will wash in 6kg packages.  The washing will be weighed before it is washed and you will be invoiced for the difference from what was selected in the online booking section.

If would be great if we could minimise the adjustments required so weighing your washing before booking would be beneficial to all.

Our laundry bags can hold between 2-3 loads or up to 12kg.  Please note that we wash with 6kg load limits.  So even though the Bubbles Laundry Bags hold up to 12kg, each load will be charged in 6kg increments. 

We too are very particular about how we do your laundry.  We do our best to accommodate every request. If there is something special, we need to know just let us know when placing an order.

The note section during the checkout process is the best place to let us know any requests.

We do not clean silk, leather suede, velvet, cashmere or fur items. This is because of the cost to clean these items usually outweighs the benefit to you.  

Yes, you may send all clothing that is machine washable. If you have lingerie or bra’s that you would like to be washed in a wash bag please place in your own wash bag and we will wash accordingly.  If you do not have a wash bag please place in a separate bag and label “wash bag” and we will place in one of our bubbles wash bags. 

We can then supply the said wash bag to you for a small fee for you to use when you next use our services.

Any item that is machine washable can be sent in.  Please make sure you read the items washing label before you send it in.  We will not wash items that have a label noting dryclean only.

We will also not be held responsible if a dryclean only item ends up being washed due to accidently ending up in the washing and/or drying cycle.

Laundry stripping is a cleaning process that restores clothing by stripping out detergent, oils and residue from the body, fabric softener, and minerals through a long soak with hot water and the bubbles stripping recipe.

The task is labour intensive and takes a long time.  Time for hot water to cool completely. The wash as normal without detergent and dry.

You can tell if your towels or bedding require a good laundry strip if such textiles are looking dull, feeling stiff, and reducing absorbency.

Yes! You can select cold, warm, or hot when you set up your preferences in the online booking section.

Yes! You can select low, medium, or high when you set up your preferences in the online booking section.

Large items like doonas, duvets and blankets are charged out separately. You will find pricing and selection in the Online Booking Section.

Please be advised if you are hyper allergic to scents from laundry products please fill in the note section in the online booking section.

We will do our best to follow all specified preferences for your order. If you have questions regarding this, please contact us prior to scheduling a pick-up via email: hello@bubblesmobile laundry.com.au or phone 0497436538.

We are in discussion with a couple of companies at the moment about utilising specific products that are plant based, organic and natural.  We want to parnter with a company that has the environment and waste at the top of their priorty list.  These products will assist prevent any allergy concerns associated with the washing treatment of the clothes we work with.

Yes, we do. Please place all stained clothing in a separate bag and mark it “Special Attention” and let us know by including a note in the laundry bag or email us and we will do our absolute best to get it out.

It is our practice to hang in our garment bags business shirts, blouses and trousers (hangers to be supplied by the customer). We will fold all other garments and place these into a Bubbles Laundry Bag. (First garment bag or laundry bag is free)

If you do not supply enough hangers for the clothing mentioned above to be hung we will supply additional hangers at the customers expense.

No, rest assured your clothing will be washed and dried individually with only your items of clothing. 

We prefer you schedule your pickup by 2.00pm the day before pickup. This allows enough time for Bubbles Mobile Laundry to plan their routes for the following day.

Sure.  When booking you can choose to receive reminders by email, text or both the day before your pickup.

Yes! we launder towels for both residential and commercial businesses.

On the booking page you actually have the option of a towel only selection. 

If you want a large amount of towels laundered please contact us for an individual

quote at: hello@bubblesmobilelaundry.com.au.

Yes, as long as we have a service provider who works in that area, if different to your residential address. 

It is preferable to us that the pick up and drop off place is the same address. 

We are currently working toward the requirement to be able to offer our services to NDIS customers.

We intend on actioning this ASAP. 

We are happy to do a contactless pick-up/drop-off. Your pick-up/drop-off location should be safe, secure, and accessible. 

Please add this to the note section during the check-out process.  If there is no specific notations for this we will assume the pick up/drop off location will be the front door.

All laundry delivered contactless will be photographed and you will be notified by text message once the bag/s are delivered.

Please NOTE! – we cannot be left accountable for any items that may go missing once we drop your laundry/ironing off to your premises.

Contact us immediately by text message or phone on 0497436538 or email at: hello@bubbleslaundryservice.com.au.  If we are close will make every effort to re-arrange a pickup.

We reserve the right to charge a missed pick up fee of $10.00 to cover fuel and time.

We know how busy life can be, so we have put in place email and text reminders to help overcome any problems associated with this . However, if you do forget to leave your laundry out, we reserve the right to charge a missed pickup fee of $10 to service providers costs.

A missed pickup fee depends on numerous factors and will be discussed on an individual basis.

Please cancel by notifying us via email: hello@bubblesmobilelaundry.com.au or via text or phone on 0497436538.

If cancelling your laundry service please do so within three (3) hours of your scheduled pick up time.  If you cancel within this period we reserve the right to charge you a missed pickup fee of $10.00.

None whatsoever. You can use our services daily, weekly or intermittently with no signing of any contract or require any long term committment.

We are on-boarding new service providers regularly.

Please send us an email with your post code and once your area has a Bubbles Service Provider we will be in touch to make an introduction.

Yes, we do have that functionality but would prefer you to contact Bubbles at hello@bubblesmobilelaundry.com.au at the moment until we can assure the system is set up correctly for this process.

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