How to use detergent

You’re doing laundry! Great.
But did you know that excessive use of laundry detergent can cause damage to your washing machine and clothes? Here are some tips:
1. Use the right amount of detergent – Washing machines are designed to use a certain amount of detergent per load. If you add too much, it can cause damage and reduce the life of your machine. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s directions for how much detergent to add and if it’s ok to use more than recommended.
2. Add vinegar – Vinegar is a natural way to clean clothes and remove stains from them at the same time! You can add it directly into the wash cycle or use vinegar rinse aid in place of bleach–it works just as well!
3. Don’t overload your machine – Overloading your washing machine will increase wear on parts and reduce its lifespan over time. Make sure your loads are balanced so that heavy items don’t sink into bottom corners where they may not be able to spin freely during the entire cycle

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