Do you hate doing laundry

I know everyone says it’s a “chore,” but that’s the wrong word. A chore is something you do on occasion and don’t think twice about, like, you know… cleaning the house. Or cooking dinner.

Laundry is a different monster altogether. Laundry isn’t just this thing you do to keep your clothes clean; it’s this never-ending task that completely consumes your life and home and makes you a prisoner of an endless cycle of tumbling and folding and unfolding and refolding that feels like a Sisyphean nightmare. You could literally spend every waking minute dedicated to laundry, and still never get ahead of the curve. And when you have kids? Forget it!

It’s no wonder people are constantly seeking new ways to outsmart their laundry pile—or the fact that people are willing to pay companies to do their laundry for them. (Seriously, if there’s one thing, we could all use more of in our lives, it’s free time.)

Which brings me to Bubbles a mobile laundry service that comes directly to your home or office (or wherever!), picks up and delivers.