Wash, Dry & Fold Services

We’ll Pick Up - Wash, Dry & Fold Your Laundry!

Bubbles laundry service will pick up, expertly wash your garments, dry with care and return back to you with a 24-48 hour time frame. It’s a new spin on laundry.

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How it Works

Bubbles laundry service turns your laundry day back into do-what-you-want day. Giving you back the gift of time. Time for family, friends, the gym, art, meditation, all those activities you love.

You Schedule

Book in a pickup time and location. You can opt for a contactless pickup/delivery for your convenience.

We Wash Your Items

We carefully sort through your clothing separating if requested. We wash using the best products for an A1 result.

We Dry Your Items

We dry your clothing using a machine dryer. Making sure to utilise specific requests from the customer if needed.


We carefully fold for fresh crease-free laundry, then pack into our Bubbles Laundry bags for delivery to your door.

10% off your first order use code. LAUNDRY10

Once you try Bubbles, you’ll free up loads of time to invest in things that matter the most to you!