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Our mission

At Bubbles, we take immense pride in our work with exceptional service at competitive prices, all to make the task of your laundry needs done as quickly and efficiently as possible with our free pickup and delivery.

Taking away your pain is our pleasure, at Bubbles Mobile Laundry.

At Bubbles, we want to give you the gift of time. Time for family, friends, gym, art, meditation or to get to those activities that you might never have time for.

We don’t want you to lift a finger or leave the house to get your laundry done for you.

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About Bubbles

When my husband and I became empty-nesters, I decided to leave my office job to pursue my dreams of running a business of my own. I took 2 months off work to think about it. In the meantime, I was doing casual residential cleaning when I realised the amount of laundry that was not done or not packed away in a lot of homes, and I thought ‘I can help these people!’

You won’t believe it, but I love doing laundry and ironing! I did my research to see if it is a service I can provide as a home business. With the help of my family Bubbles Mobile Laundry was launched.
Since starting the business I have had a lot of interest expressed for my services from people in other towns. People not only want our services, but they want to work as a Bubbles Provider. I am now working on expanding our services outside of the Bunbury area and making Bubbles Mobile Laundry a household name in the Southwest, Western Australia and then who knows!

FREE reusable Bubbles Laundry Bag on your first order

Once you try Bubbles, you’ll free up loads of time to invest in things that matter the most to you!